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Why Partner With OIC?

Interest in options is on the rise as investors become increasingly aware of how options can be used as part of a successful investment strategy. The Options Industry Council (OIC) provides unbiased and balanced options education. OIC was created more than 20 years ago as an industry cooperative funded by the U.S. options exchanges and OCC to increase the awareness, knowledge and responsible use of exchange-listed options. Options are a versatile but complex product, and that is why OIC provides educational services, most of which are free. Look to OIC’s educational resources to help expand your understanding of options and grow your business.

How Can You Partner With OIC?

The programs summarized below are just a few of the ways you can leverage educational resources to expand your reach and capabilities with investors.

Web Partnership Program

Educate existing and potential clients, employees and site visitors about the benefits and risks of exchange-traded options. OIC offers website content sharing to member firms, participant exchanges and industry organizations. The free program allows approved partners to use OIC’s educational content including online classes, articles, strategy tutorials, literature, options tools and market data and research. Various web content sharing arrangements are available, including hosting and crosslinking, to suit the needs of your website.

We design our content with a broad target audience in mind, from beginners to advanced options traders. Through this partnership opportunity, you’ll be able to customize OIC content into your own firm’s website.

Broker Booth Program

OIC conducts numerous evening seminars across the United States every year. All seminars are taught by knowledgeable options professionals who are trained in promoting the responsible use of equity options. Qualified options brokers have a unique opportunity through OIC’s Broker Booth Program to offer expertise, experience and services to investors who attend these seminars. For a nominal fee, you can interact with prospective clients during designated times.

Instructor/Seminar Requests

If our seminar schedule is not convenient for your clients, OIC can arrange for an options professional to conduct a customized seminar that offers valuable insight on the challenges and successes encountered when trading options. Depending on your request and objectives, OIC’s instructor can teach the basics, volatility or delve into complex strategies based on various market scenarios.

Co-Branding Opportunities

Educational Events

Every year, OIC hosts conferences and all-day education events across the United States. Your organization can gain exposure by partnering with OIC at these events. One opportunity is The Road to Wall Street: Analyze Your Options, which is a university outreach program that educates students about options and careers within the industry. Other opportunities will put you in direct contact with hundreds of options investors, and allow you to sign up new clients, gain awareness, develop a heightened brand reputation and increase business development.


OIC produces a variety of educational brochures and collateral materials. Many of these can be co-branded with your firm’s logo and contact information.

Market Research

Gain insight into investor profiles and learn why an options investor could be your ideal client. OIC commissioned Harris Interactive to compare investors who use options with those who do not. Conducted every five years, the results continue to show that options investors are more affluent, more knowledgeable and have more diverse investment portfolios than non-options investors. OIC commissioned Bellomy Research to conduct the Financial Advisor Benchmark Study, which found that options usage among advisors is on the rise and advisors who use options tend to have more assets under management than non-users.

The 2000 Buy-Write Study concludes that a passive buy-write strategy of one month to expiration calls on the Russell 2000 consistently outperformed the index.

Findings of the Loosening Your Collar Study state that a long protective collar strategy using six-month put purchases and consecutive one-month call writes earned superior returns compared to a simple buy-and-hold strategy while reducing risk by almost 65%. These, and other market research and academic studies can be found on OIC’s website.

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