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Whether you're a complete beginner with options or you're getting comfortable with sophisticated strategies, the Options Education Program has you covered. Brought to you by the Options Industry Council, this program is not only the place where you can start learning about options, but it's where you'll continue returning as your market knowledge grows.

So what exactly can you do through the Options Education Program? To start, you can take a short, but valuable assessment to get a better sense of where you are today. From there, you can move in to learning at your own pace, on your own time, with an online curriculum that's customized for your skill level. Additionally, you can download podcasts and videos to enhance your understanding of options. We've set up the entire program so that you can easily follow your progress.

Also, while we're proud of all that we offer with this educational center, it's important to note that OIC does connect with investors in other ways. We invite you to take part in our seminars and events that are held throughout the year, and any time you have questions about options, you can contact our professionals at Investor Services to get answers.

But for now, we'll focus on the Options Education Program itself. You'll find more details on everything it has below. Or if you're ready to register or sign in, you can do that right away.

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Course Catalog
At OIC, our goal is to serve as your trusted guide all along your educational journey. But more than anything, we want you to learn how you want to learn. That's where the Course Catalog comes in handy. While the catalog contains all of the courses that are in our learning paths, you can choose to take a single course if you have a specific interest - or you can take all the courses in any order you would like. From options fundamentals to strategies and advanced concepts, you can be sure there's a course here for you.

With OIC's MyPath, you'll find a learning system that's built just for you. We want to ensure you get the most out of your educational experience, and we know everyone visits OIC with a unique perspective. To provide you with the best plan, we encourage you to answer just a few questions in the MyPath Assessment. Once you do, we'll be able to pair you with a curriculum that suits your needs, and MyPath will automatically keep you going in the right direction. From the MyPath page, you can enroll in a new class, see what you've done in past courses and quickly get an overview of your progress. You can also check out optional podcasts and videos that will complement your learning goals.

When you use MyCourses, you'll be able to conveniently track all of the courses that you're taking today, as well as those that you've finished. And when you take a break, whether it's for a few minutes or a few days, you'll be able to resume your current class right where you left off. MyCourse also provides a status bar so that you can see how far along you are in a class. Plus, if need be, you can unenroll from a class. Don't worry, though - you can always re-enroll if you change your mind.

When you're ready to get a clearer picture of your overall progress, just have a look at MyTranscript. In this section, it's easy to see what you've done and what you're working on currently. Also, you'll be able to see any certificates you've earned. MyTranscript gets you prepared to move on to the next skill level.

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